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About us

Since 1995 we have been developing a full range of high quality dental sculpturing waxes, prefabricated wax parts, die spacers, contact markers, insulation fluids and the complete range of materials and devices for the thermofoming technique.

In the beginning we established focussing the production of dental waxes and their related consumables, now the al dente Dentalprodukte company has become one of the best-known manufacturers for dental products on the international markets.

We are proud to say that the range of our products reflects the ability to come up to our customers' requirements. Next to this thought there is our principal object: to provide high quality products at fair prices.

Our products are developed and produced according to the international quality standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
You will come across our consumables and devices in dental labs, clinics and laboratory training programmes in more than 40 countries.

Strong partners under one roof!
For more than 20 years we have been producing high-quality consumables in the Southern German town of Horgenzell near Ravensburg focussed on dental waxes and products for the polymerisation and thermoforming technology. al dente is closely working together with leading dental technicians worldwide for continuously developing its products and is present on the markets of more than 60 countries.
The ERNST HINRICHS Dental / SILADENT Böhme & Schöps GmbH group with 2  production sites in North Germany is one of the leading suppliers of dental gypsum, duplicating materials, investments as well as abrasive materials in Europe. For more than 10 years the group has successfully established itself with a growing portfolio of CAD-CAM systems and digital consumables on the dental market.
For many years al dente has been cooperating with the ERNST HINRICHS Dental / SILADENT group in sales and at joint exhibitions in Germany and abroad. Due to the complementary product groups many common dealer structures could be established and expanded.
This symbiosis of partnership and the highest level of professionalism, according to managing director Christoph Vitzthum, is now to be strengthened throughout the dental market. With Christian and Markus Rehse, managing directors of the ERNST HINRICHS Dental / SILADENT company group, the integration of al dente Dentalprodukte GmbH into this group as another 100% subsidiary on 01.01.2019 was therefore agreed upon.
al dente Dentalprodukte GmbH will continue as an independent company and brand. Joint synergies in procurement and production will strengthen the group of companies for future market requirements.