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WOODY NIMBUS Kolinsky + Synthetic ceramicbrushes WOODY NIMBUS Kolinsky + Synthetic Ceramic Brushes An exceptional design, perfect ergonomics and p... 0,00 EUR

PMMA CAD/CAM Disc PMMA resin burning without residues for casting techniques. Available in two different colors. 0,00 EUR

Gingiva Mask Gingiva Mask is an A-Silicone product showing a high final hardness which suits for the production of gingiva masks. Applicable for the direct production in impressions as well as for the indirect production by means of a silicone key. 0,00 EUR

Gingiva Mask Soft Same application as Gingiva Mask, however showing a reduced final hardness of 40 Shore A. 0,00 EUR

Gingiva Mask Iso Spray Separating agent in spray form for application on A-silicones. Prevents the various A-silicone impression materials from conglomerating and therefore gives way for an improved separation after the hardening process. 0,00 EUR

Diamant Polishing Past Shine DS Fine-grained Diamond Paste suiting all dental alloys and zirconium oxides. Gives a high gloss surface finish. 0,00 EUR

Diamant Polishing Past DA Highly abrasive Diamond Paste. Suits perfectly for finishing and smoothing fits for model castings and zirconium oxide. 0,00 EUR

Polishing Paste Universal Universal Paste applicable for the entire non-precious range as well as for zirconium oxide. The uniform particle size gives way for a homogenous removal of the surface connected to a deep brilliance. 0,00 EUR

Polishing Liquid shine Universal high gloss polishing liquid for all alloys, resins and zirconium oxide. Water soluble and easy to wash-off. 0,00 EUR

Iso Pro P Plaster-Plaster Separation Fluid Special separating agent for plaster. Iso-Pro P is quick-drying, does not produce thick layers and does not leave any lubricating film. 0,00 EUR

Iso Pro R Plaster-Resin Separation Fluid Alginate-based agent used in prosthetic dentistry for separating hot and cold-curing polymerizates from the plaster model. Leaving a thin scratch-proof layer it insulates reliably without discoloring the resin. 0,00 EUR

Plunger Aluoxide 12 mm + 13 mm Plunger Aluoxide Made from high-purity aluminum oxide (>99,8%) Reusable Availa... 0,00 EUR

Plunger Single-Use 12 mm + 13 mm Plunger single use No preheating necessary when inserting into the investment ring Time-saving:... 0,00 EUR

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