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CAD/CAM Products

CAD/CAM Technique

The CAD/CAM technique requires products with different features than generally needed in the conventional dental technique.
Therefore we developed and optimized our CAD/CAM products according to this special application.

CAD/CAM Waxdisc The wax for the al dente CAD/CAM Wax Disc is especially adjusted to the dental CAD/CAM technique.... (02-5112) 0,00 EUR

CAD/CAM Wax Disc For Partial Technique CAD/CAM Wax Disc model casting technique Milling wax blank made of a special wax combination fo... 0,00 EUR

CAD/CAM Wax Laser-opaque sculpturing wax for scans true to detail - can of 60 g - colours of the wax: green, ... (02-1640) 0,00 EUR

CAD/CAM Blockout Wax CAD/CAM Blockout Wax This laser-opaque wax is suited for blocking out cavities before scanning. (02-1630) 0,00 EUR

CAD/CAM Spray Pro CAD/CAM Spray Pro extra high coverage CAD/CAM Spray Pro with an improved coverage. For optimum... 0,00 EUR

Aqua Spacer for Scan Technique Aqua Spacer water-removable spacer in 4 dentine shades (A, B, C, D) Laser-opaque spacer availab... (03-4110) 0,00 EUR

Aqua Spacer Thinner The AQUA Spacer Thinner is especially adapted to the texture of the AQUA Spacer. (03-4170) 0,00 EUR

Sticky Sticks for DeguDent Cercon System Sticky Sticks for the DeguDent Cercon System. Hard, shape retaining wax sticks suitable for the c... (02-2210-D) 0,00 EUR