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Casting Sprues - Wax Wires

For professional casts we provide you with our approved casting sprues with reservoir as well as all current forms and sizes of wax wires on spools or as sticks.
Good-bye cavities .. due to al dente's sprues and its most ideal shape of flow: the nozzle. Here you will get the original, which has been standing the test a million times since 1997!

Casting Sprues Good-bye cavities and shrinkholes! Sprues equipped with the most ideal shape of flow and with re... 0,00 EUR

Wax Wire on Spools A wax wire showing no restoring forces, easy-to-shape without any pinches or cracks. Available in... 0,00 EUR

Sticky Sticks Round or square? It's your choice! Anyway, the special hard and sticky wax of these sticks eases ... 0,00 EUR