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One has to apply more attention to sculpturing waxes which are an immensely important "corner stone" in achieving a high-grade dental product. In manufacturing we attach greatest importance to the use of high-grade raw materials. The sculpturing waxes by al dente are developed and tested in cooperation with internationally well-known dental technicians and the features of all combinable waxes are very well harmonized to each other.
al dente Dentalprodukte established as innovative internationally recognized expert in producing dental waxes and other consumables in more than 40 countries.

Thanks to our innovative developments we became pioneers for products that nowadays can be found in every dental lab, to give you some examples:

* wax preforms for an efficient production of a modellation
* wax sprues in "pear-shape" (utility patent registered at the German Patent and Trademark Office).
* CAD/CAM Scanwaxes (utility patent registered at the German Patent and Trademark Office).
* Diagnostic waxes available in Vita shades, etc.
* Flexible dipping waxes - Flexi Dip and Duro Dip
* Casting waxes and preformed ready-made waxes.

Die Gesamtliste unserer Wachse enthält Informationen über die sämtliche Typen, Schmelzpunkte und Anwendungsgebiete. Sie können die Datei als .pdf downloaden.