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Sculpturing & Dipping waxes

NEW 2017 - all wax cans now 70 g cont.

Modellation Dr. Paulo Kano - Brasil

The enormous range of our various waxes will give you the possibility to find the perfect wax for all applications

Pro-Mod Sculpturing Wax - opaque Pro-Mod is an ideal sculpturing wax for wax-up techniques. It can be precisely drawn due to its h... 0,00 EUR

Esprit Sculpturing Wax - opaque Esprit - the universal sculpturing wax for the complete precious-metal-technique. Esprit applies ... 0,00 EUR

VKS Sculpturing Wax for Castable Ceramics- transp. The castable ceramic technique poses special requirements to sculpturing waxes. The VKS waxes by... 0,00 EUR

Pro-Mod C - Cervical Wax Pro-Mod C is a cervical wax that comes up to every technician's needs: non-rebounding, tension-fr... 0,00 EUR

Pro-Mod Milling Wax The combined technique makes different demands on the waxes used. For carving the wax should not ... 0,00 EUR

Diagnosticwax in Vita colours The new organic diagnostic wax is adapted to the Vita shades A-B-C-D. Additionally it is also ava... 0,00 EUR

Aesthetic Inlay Wax The sculpturing properties of these waxes were specifically developed and adapted to the requirem... 0,00 EUR

Undercut Wax A first layer wax for inlays or partial crowns that is stable in dimension and free of distotions... (02-1275) 0,00 EUR

Colors Sculpturing Wax Colors by al dente - the new modern sculpturing waxes in current neon colours. Colors distinguis... 0,00 EUR

Sticky Wax Special Sticky wax with extreme adhesive power. Ideal for fixing break repairs, teeth, front wall... (02-1455) 0,00 EUR

Pro-Mod B - Block out Wax C+B For blocking out defects and cavities in plaster dies. Pro-Mod B adheres to all plaster surfac... (02-1440) 0,00 EUR

Technique Wax - Universal Sculpturing Wax Sculpturing wax in a big 110 g block for universal applications. Excellent carving and sculpturi... 0,00 EUR

Ceramic Shoulder Wax The new Ceramic Shoulder Wax avoids that parts of the ceramic shoulder break off when lifting the... 0,00 EUR

Real Art Sculpturing Wax Set It's wax it's perfect Perfection made of wax! Would you believe that these modellations are made... 0,00 EUR

Dipping Wax Flexi Dip - Duro Dip Flexi-Dip is the elastic dipping wax for achieving precisely fitting wax copings involving excell... 0,00 EUR

Modellation Dr. Paulo Kano - Brasil