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Thermoforming Foils

Foliflex Bleach A thermoforming sheet especially for producing medication trays - bleaching trays. It is very wel... 0,00 EUR

Foliflex Material: a soft, pliable, elastic sheet that can be heat-welded. Cannot be bonded with acrylate.... 0,00 EUR

Folidur N A transparent, hard-elastic foil also impact-hard and well suitable for being thermoformed. Foli... 0,00 EUR

Folidur "S" A springy, impact resistant sheet, very well mouldable. Bonds with acrylate. No pre-drying necess... 0,00 EUR

Folilen A soft, elastic foil that burns without leaving residues. Does not bond with acrylates. Applicati... 0,00 EUR

Combiloc Plus Hard/soft double layer plate free from abrasion. The hard side bonds with acrylate. Pre-drying i... 0,00 EUR