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Liquids / Spacers

You will find a wide range of various liquids in our programme:
Starting with our die-spacers in different colours and thicknesses for hardening, sealing and protecting dies - you will also find our "chamaeleon"in the row of spacers:
Chameo Die Spacer - you will never have seen anything like this: a spacer indicating when it's dry by changing its colour!
In the assortment of spacers we also offer you a water-removable die-spacer "AQUA Spacer" for pressable ceramic systems and recommended for all current CAD/CAM systems.
Hardener, Texture Marker for Ceramics, various separating liquids, mixing liquid for ceramics and much more .....

Iso-Pro Separating Fluid Iso-Pro is completely absorbed by the plaster's surface and does not leave any disturbing coating... 0,00 EUR

Pro-Die Spacers Pro-Die Spacers were developed especially for the particular demands in dental techniques. The P... 0,00 EUR

Pro-Die Hardener Pro-Die Hardener Pro-Die Hardener (0 ) for hardening, sealing and protecting dies. It does not b... 0,00 EUR

Chameo Die Spacer Chameo Die Spacer changes colour from red to violet while getting dry. It gives you exact control... 0,00 EUR

Aqua Spacer - Waterremoveable Die SPacer AQUA Spacer can be easily removed from the die under running water. Thus solid ceramic crowns can... 0,00 EUR

Pro-Lux Lightcuring Spacer Pro-Lux light-curing Die Spacer by al dente equipped with features that are convincing: -PRO-LUX... 0,00 EUR

Occlusal Spray Occlusal Spray When using al dente's occlusal spray, jamming contacts can be quickly found. Very... 0,00 EUR

Instant Adhesiv With Patented Cap Instant adhesive with patented cap Who hasn't experienced this problem at least once: The nozzle... 0,00 EUR

Pro-Seal Wax Sealing Pro-Seal Wax Sealing is applied to the occlusal surface of the modellation prior to investment (d... 0,00 EUR

Debebblizer Surface Tension Releasing Agent Debubblizer-PRO A surface tension releasing agent for wax objects and silicone impressions. It g... 0,00 EUR

Ceramic Structur Marker The Ceramic Texture Marker by al dente can be used to accurately reproduce the shine and texture ... 0,00 EUR

Separating Fluid for Ceramics Extremely high effect of insulating plaster against the ceramic. Very thin coating of insulation.... 0,00 EUR

Ceramic Mixing Liquid Due to the excellent strength of the ceramic mixing liquid, the ceramic material can be applied i... 0,00 EUR