Ceramic Brush "Synthetic", 1 pc.

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Ceramic Brush "Synthetic", 1 pc. SYNTHETIC CERAMIC BRUSH

Triangular ceramic brush made of synthetic bristles of high quality. The tip of the brush is very tight and pointed. The approved ergonomic triangular shape of the handle prevents the brush from rolling off the table and allows you to work without symptoms of fatigue.
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09-3205Ceramic Brush "Synthetic" Size 0, 1 pc. 3,45  €
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09-3200Ceramic Brush "Synthetic" Size 00, 1 pc. 3,45  €
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09-3260Ceramic Brush "Synthetic" Size 06, 1 pc. 6,35  €
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09-3280Ceramic Brush "Synthetic" Size 08, 1 pc. 10,90  €
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