ProSplint e3


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ProSplint e3

The ProSplint e3 is a state-of-the-art desktop milling machine specifically designed for optimized aligner production. With its precise and efficient operation, it is ideal for dentists and orthodontists who want to produce high-quality aligners.

The separation of ready-to-use aligners from thermoforming sheets is fully automatic with the ProSplint e3 and takes only a few seconds. This achieves a level of precision and quality that eliminates the need for time-consuming post-processing. This saves you the tedious and time-consuming process of cutting out and trimming your thermoformed rails and sustainably optimizes your production process.

The ProSplint e3 is equipped with the TrimCAD software, which can automatically determine the optimal trimline of the aligners. However, the software can also be set manually and saved as an individual strategy profile. In this way, the different preferences of different practitioners can be stored and retrieved at any time.

The machine has an adapter which is inserted during model creation and printed out directly. This eliminates the need for complicated clamping of the foils and the models can be inserted into the machine and easily exchanged in a single operation.

The ProSplint e3 is part of the overall system from al dente dental products for simple and economical aligner production. The machine is capable of processing high-transparency thermoforming foil for splints in the highest quality and works in combination with fast 3D printers for model production as well as light polymerization devices for the entire model material spectrum.

Overall, the ProSplint e3 is a reliable and user-friendly solution for aligner production that stands out for its quality, functionality and efficiency.

Technicle Data:

Dimensions WxDxH 360 × 370 × 490 mm
Weight 25 kg
Speed uo to 60.000 U/min
Number of axes 3+1
Linear axes
X-axis: rack and pinion drive
Y-/Z-axis: trapezoidal screw spindles
motor resolution 10 μm
max. axial backlash 0.06 mm
Rotary axis B-axis Rotation angle: 360°, infinite


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