Assortment Prefabricated Wax Pontics Without Collar

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Assortment Prefabricated Wax Pontics Without Collar PREFABRICATED WAX PONTICS WITHOUT COLLAR

No collar = optimum aesthetics due to a fully veneered pontic. The anatomic shape of the prefabricated parts simplifies the application of the ceramic layers. The occlusal depth allows natural fissures. Due to connection points transferred towards lingual/palatal a more profound separating from the labial side is possible.

x Time-saving = increase of productivity
x Wax pontics in different sizes. The individual adaption of the patterns is therefore reduced to a minimum.
x Optimum wax quality with perfect carving and modelling qualities.
x Due to the hard wax a bending of the modellation while removing is impossible.
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01-3001Assortment 3 pieces each = 54 pontics 74,70  €
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