Colors Sculpturing Wax neon, 70 g

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Colors Sculpturing Wax neon, 70 g COLORS SCULPTURING WAXES

Colors by al dente – modern modelling wax in current neon colours. Colors distinguishes by an excellent rigidity and it is quick to cool. It’s the ideal wax for all modelling appli cations. It also suits for castable ceramic wax-ups.
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02-1085Colors Sculpturing Wax neon-yellow, 70 g 17,70  €
VAT excl.
02-1080Colors Sculpturing Wax neon green, 70 g 17,70  €
VAT excl.
02-1090Colors Sculpturing Wax neon-magenta, 70 g 17,70  €
VAT excl.
02-1095Colors Sculpturing Wax neon-orange, 70 g 17,70  €
VAT excl.