Pro-Mod F-1 green transparent

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Pro-Mod F-1 green transparent PRO-MOD F MILLING-CARVING WAXES

The combined technique makes different demands on the waxes used. For milling the wax should not be too hard or brittle. For milling, however, the wax should be of a certain hardness. Combining these basically different requirements in one single wax seems to be almost impossible. For this reason we adapted our milling wax to the different fields ofactivity.
F-0 = extra hard (milling)
F-1 = hard (milling and carving)

The allround milling wax with good carving qualities.
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02-1100CPro-Mod F-1 green transparent, 110 g 27,70  €
VAT excl.
02-1100Pro-Mod F-1 green transparent, 70 g 20,90  €
VAT excl.
02-1115Pro-Mod F-1 grey opaque, 70 g 20,90  €
VAT excl.