Quality policy

Our main goal is to compete permanently and successfully. To achieve this, we must continuously identify the needs of our customers, monitor the market and technological developments, offer appropriate products, and also invest in further training. This is only possible if we generate profits from sales to our customers.

But only satisfied customers who have confidence in our capabilities and our products will pay appropriate prices in the long term. One of our main goals must therefore be to comply with the legal requirements relevant to our products and to serve our customers optimally in terms of quality and adherence to delivery dates.

Customer care, the acquisition of potential customers and the continuous review and further development of our products with regard to future requirements or expectations serve the stability of the company and are the basis for future growth.

Striving for continuous improvement of our products is an elementary part of our activities, as it is the constant improvement of the effectiveness of the QM system. We will initiate and maintain the necessary measures in all areas to avoid defects and to systematically analyse and permanently eliminate the causes of defects.

Goslar, 30.06.2022

Markus Rehse / Christian Rehse